Collaborative Robotics


Developed by FRANKA EMIKA, this is a collaborative robot designed to share a workspace with a human worker without the need for caging, provided a risk assessment is performed. It has seven degrees of freedom, sensitive torque sensors in all seven joints and human-like kinematics. Combined with control via soft robotics, Panda is able to recognize and process even the smallest touch with a system of artificial reflexes that can react within milliseconds.

Panda fills the gap between low payload robots, unlike large industrial robots, which handle heavier loads, work much faster and require extensive integration options, and therefore very high costs. Operating machines would be a common application for Panda.

collaborative robotics


Panda was designed with affordability in mind. Very easy programming with smartphone-like applications or with the open Frank Control Interface (FCI) for high-level programmers. Integrated security features and added security features can preclude secure guarding. Deployment of one or more robots therefore becomes easy, which significantly reduces integration costs.


Our vision is to make light robots a commodity so that people get to the centre of design. This design paradigm allows us to seamlessly combine efficiency, digitization and intelligent automation to achieve an optimal user experience.

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For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

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