Robotic and Assembly Lines

Asseco CEIT’s long history and experience in the field of production automation, from stand-alone stations with operation through robotic cells to larger fully automated assembly lines predetermine us as a suitable partner for solving issues with robotic and assembly lines in the industry.

Production automation is the strategic integration of advanced technology into assembly processes. This advanced technology usually includes industrial robots, conveyors and manipulators, sensor and camera systems, RFID, 2D and 3D identifiers. Industrial robots can be deployed and reconfigured to meet high performance targets, meeting the increased demand for efficient and high-quality production.

Asseco CEIT ensures the integration of robotics into assembly processes that require flexibility, speed and accuracy. The offered automated devices are also ideal for meeting demanding requirements for repetitive tasks such as the application of adhesives and sealants, or for the precise assembly of small parts of various products.

robotic and assembly lines
robotic and assembly lines

Assembly lines in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is increasingly using automated and robotic assembly lines to produce components such as bodies, interior components, engines, and transmissions. Robotics and machine vision are ideal for creating ergonomic and efficient workplaces that protect operators from unsuitable conditions, increase efficiency, and quality of work.


Production automation increases your competitiveness

Robotics integration increases capacity and quality and reduces production costs. Automation solutions can also be flexible, reconfigurable and deployed in other parts of the line. Thanks to vision, experience and advanced software, our customers have been able to improve their production and quality control.

By automating production, return on investment comes through the following benefits:

  • Higher production capacity
  • Better production quality
  • Higher safety and ergonomics of workers
  • Lower personnel costs
robotic and assembly lines
robotic and assembly lines

Asseco CEIT has experience in providing custom production automation solutions. Our team of engineers and technicians can transform the concept into a real automated assembly line, including the integration of third-party machines, which ensure automation at the required locations.

We specialize in integrating assembly and material handling automation solutions into your production process. Our solutions include robotic assembly and technology processes, screw driving, palletizing and depalletizing, pick-and-place solutions and more.


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