Compressed Air Leak Detection

At a time of gradual transition to a carbon-free economy and a reduction in the carbon footprint of products, the efficient use of energy in production is key. All the more so if it is one of the most expensive types of energy – compressed air. Its leakage is such a common part of production plants that just a few pay attention to it, not realizing that companies throw tens of thousands of euros a month “into the air”.

Asseco CEIT has therefore developed a unique method of detecting compressed air leaks and inspection of complete distribution systems during full operation. The method is so accurate and fast that we are guaranteed to check the entire production hall in a few hours, from the main air distribution to the hoses on the individual machines. Return and savings are guaranteed.

Asseco CEIT offers:

  • Fast location of leaks
    • Leak detection during operation
    • Filtering of disturbing ambient sounds, detection in the environment is possible during running production
    • Location of less accessible places
    • Detection at a distance of several meters
  • Leakage quantification
    • Recording and quantification of each leakage to the database
    • Software processing and direct economic recalculation of potential benefits
    • Creating a corrective action plan, estimating the benefit vs. cost
  • Leakage visualization
    • Report processing with a graphical record of identified leaks
    • Recording of leaks in the production hall plan
  • Setting up a sustainable process
    • Control measurements after the implementation of corrective measures – verification
    • Summary calculation of actually eliminated leaks
    • Regular preventive inspections
For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

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