Data collection and analysis

Availability, performance, quality. Three basic indicators that are behind the overall effectiveness of the machine or production equipment. The notorious acronym OEE is key information for any manufacturing company that wants to improve and streamline its processes. However, it is important not only to collect data, but also to evaluate and analyse them.

The right information is the basis for the right decisions.

Asseco CEIT automatic data acquisition system for industrial premises is based on Ultra Wide Band radio technology. Its advantage is that it does not disrupt the infrastructure of other wireless technologies. The system uses the existing RTLS network, through which it transmits the collected information from the production process. Sensors (RTLS tags) are directly connected to the output PLC module of the monitored machines and equipment. The data is sent to the main server for further processing.

  • Automated collection and evaluation of production data
  • Wireless data collection
  • Visualization in the graphical environment of the OEE application
  • Reports via e-mail
  • 3D representation of real traffic with real-time data
  • Possibility of change registration, export
  • Manually entered downtime
  • Fully modular and scalable system
Data collection and analysis

Data dashboard

The analysis and interpretation of the obtained data is provided by the software module CEIT Business Intelligence, which visualizes the collected data in the form of clear graphs and statistics, the so-called dashboards.

Such overview dashboards are an excellent helper for managerial decisions, process optimization and production. The tool is suitable for shift managers, industrial engineers as well as company management. At the same time, the report can be easily obtained remotely via a web interface even from the comfort of your home.

Data collection and analysis
Data collection and analysis
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