Location and Monitoring

Thanks to the Real-Time Location System data obtained from the real company in real time, a data representation of the actual factory is created. It gives industrial companies a huge advantage: valuable information on the current status of the production system and its bottlenecks. These are then the starting point for further optimization.

Location and monitoring

Asseco CEIT helps companies to accurately locate and monitor any object in real time.

The location system consists of RTLS anchors, i.e. receivers secured in monitored space and miniature RTLS tags, i.e. transmitters, which are placed on localized objects. Mobile tags are powered by batteries and their lifespan ranges from months to years.

The means of communication between the anchors and the tags is the Ultra Wide Band radio technology, which enables high location accuracy (<0.5 m). RTLS location technology operates in the 6.5 GHz frequency band. The advantage of this location solution is strong resistance to interference from other wireless technologies.

Key characteristics:

  • Comprehensive location and monitoring of objects
  • Data obtained in real time
  • High accuracy of localized objects (0.5 m)
  • Information about the activity of the object, position, or movement of the object
  • High location accuracy thanks to Ultra Wide Band
  • Interference immunity to other wireless technologies
  • Quick installation
  • Modularity and scalability of the system
Location and monitoring

RTLS provided as a rental service


Asseco CEIT offers the option of renting an RTLS service suitable for the efficient and rapid monitoring of smaller sections of the production or logistics premises. The RTLS system allows the monitoring of any equipment in a previously defined place where a RTLS UWB solution is implemented temporarily, for the period needed to carry out an effective data evaluation. The RTLS rental service makes the installation principle and initial configuration simpler, since it usually concerns small monitoring premises with a surface area of under 10,000 m². It gives managers an opportunity to make better decisions in real time in a specific place and then to apply a suitable method for eliminating the bottleneck or making the process more efficient.

The RTLS rental system is supplied together with the CEIT Digital Twin Platform, which is installed with the RTLS service as temporary software on the client’s server. This software tool improves the analysis of data, which is also supported by a visualisation element providing better orientation between monitored data.


The basic forms of analysis in the DEMO package contain:

  • heat maps – allowing an exact identification of the number of movements in the most critical places of the monitored section, with a definition of collision points, traffic density at a particular point, or the longest delay of the monitored piece of equipment,
  • a spaghetti diagram – defining the exact movement of the monitored equipment in order to depict all the routes in the monitored section. The diagram is suited to a detailed analysis within logistics, as well as for operators in order to identify entry into dangerous or unauthorised zones,
  • downtime – data shown on a localisation map if the monitored equipment is inactive for longer than the defined acceptable time,
  • monitoring – 2D/3D imagery of the real movement of all monitored equipment, filter of the imagery based on the type or name of the monitored equipment.

Further data which can be displayed in the software tool’s RTLS study (in the DEMO version, the RTLS study can analyse only short time segments):

  • speed of movement of the monitored equipment,
  • distance travelled,
  • activity diagram,
  • entrance into and exit from the virtual zone.

Advantages and benefits of the RTLS service based on UWB technology:

  • Rapid implementation and simple construction of a temporary LAN infrastructure
  • Simple, remote software installation 
  • Remote or in person hardware implementation
  • Choice of rental period for the RTLS UWB service
  • Rapid analysis of bottlenecks in production and logistics (data for SMED analysis, capacity utilisation of monitored equipment, safety monitoring, respect of rules etc.)
  • Option to monitor several localisation areas simultaneously 
  • Simple method for testing the technology of the most precise indoor localisation based on UWB technology
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