CEIT Table

Do you need to carry out a capacity check of the volume or areas of your production or warehouse, or to effectively plan or balance your production process? Do you want to know how efficient your logistics system is and how much logistics resources you really need? You can get answers to these questions and many more from the field of workplace design and planning, using our system.


Comprehensive and efficient planning of production and logistics processes is possible with the use of our interactive tool CEIT Table by Asseco, which allows you to easily design a logistics or production concept using 3D as well as 2D models and select the best variants through available analyses.

The application is suitable for:

  • Creating an optimal layout in accordance with efficient logistics
  • Parts planning
  • Planning for capacity and operations of production, logistics and warehousing processes in one place
  • Workplace balancing and standardization of operations
  • Logistics flow planning and capacity planning of handling equipment
  • Design and capacity dimensioning of supermarkets and warehouses
  • Ergonomic design and evaluation of workplaces
  • Tours in a virtual environment

CEIT Table by Asseco is implemented in industrial companies in Slovakia but also abroad, where it brings considerable time savings as well as financial savings. It increases the efficiency of the design and planning process by an average of up to 10-30%, helps to reduce the total time of workshops by 25%, after but also during the implementation of projects reduces the company’s total operating costs by up to 30%.

One of its main advantages is the available functionality, with which it is possible to see the future production plan or warehouse in a virtual reality environment, before it is implemented in real conditions in the company and thus identify possible collisions. Import and export of data from CEIT Table by Asseco  is compatible with other software such as Autocad, Microstation, MS Excel, which allows their interconnection.


10-30 % increased efficiency of design and planning


Up to 30% reduction of total operating costs of the company


25% reduction of workshop time

For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

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