CEIT system for contactless temperature measurement by Asseco

CEIT Gate Temperature Monitoring by Asseco is the system for contactless temperature measurement using an automated method of measuring the body temperature of people at entry points to buildings such as client centres, offices, banks and all areas of industry and services. The system measures temperature using the principle of a passive infrared sensor (PIR), which does not emit IR light, but only senses and measures the surrounding IR field and is therefore completely safe for the purpose of measuring the temperature of the human body.

GTM contactless temperature measurement
GTM contactless temperature measurement


  • Measurement method Passive IR
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 ° C
  • Measured temperature range: 34-42 ° C
  • Humidity of the environment: <80%
  • Power source: 220V


  • Automated and contactless measurement
  • Acceleration of the temperature measurement process
  • No staff necessary
  • Possibility of measuring the temperature on the wrist
  • Increasing staff safety and consumers safety
GTM contactless temperature measurement

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