3D laser scanning – precision measurement in every detail

Is your drawing documentation falling behind, or perhaps it’s non-existent? Are you considering a layout change in your production system? Do you find yourself in need of inspecting production equipment, diagnosing mechanical issues, or obtaining models of parts without proper documentation?

Look no further!

Discover the capabilities of 3D laser scanning, that provides a digital replica of parts, machinery, and even entire production and warehouse facilities The digital representation of reality, coupled with its integration into the design phases of technical changes, significantly impacts costs and efficiency.

Join our webinar to explore:

  • 3D Laser scanning and mobile metrology

Discover the advantages of mobile metrology and the precision that 3D laser scanning brings.

  • 3D Laser scanning and reverse engineering

The most widely used form of processing a real three-dimensional object into a computer model for further processing.

  • 3D Laser scanning of production systems

Improve the performance of your manufacturing devices through their 3D laser scanning.

  • Point Clouds and Digitization

The significance of point clouds in the digitization process and their role in creating accurate digital twins.

  • Use of Scans and 3D Models

Explore how 3D scans and models impact conceptual design, layout changes, visualization, and dynamic simulation of systems.

3D Scanning

When: February 15, 2024, 01:00 – 01:30PM

Where: Online

Admission: Free, registration is required

Who is the webinar intended for? Production managers, logistics managers, technical directors, industrial engineers, managers in the field of production, assembly and logistics.


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