3D Scanning, Digitization, Reverse Engineering and Metrology

Thanks to powerful technologies and a proven methodology for 3D measurement and 3D digitization, complex shaped objects can be transferred from the real world into a digital form. Virtual 3D models are characterized by high accuracy, which is a prerequisite for their effective use in CAD systems. We digitize real models from the level of polygonal mesh, mathematically described objects (surfaces, holes, bevels) to editable models in CAD systems, all using combined contact measurement and scanning techniques and advanced methods of reverse engineering .

An accurate digital three-dimensional model of a real product helps to effectively detect discrepancies between the product and its documentation (CAD model, drawing). A product model, for which there is no documentation or does not correspond to the reality can be reintroduced into production or its development can continue. Using 3D scanning, we capture changes over the life cycle of the product.

Contact measurement options:

  • Calibration of measuring jigs
  • Control and adjustment of robotic grippers
  • Sorting of process tools
  • Quality control in series production
  • Inspection of weldments

Contactless scanning options:

  • Inspection of products without the use of measuring devices
  • Inspection of injection moulds
  • Detection of shrinkage of plastic parts during production
  • Detailed quality control of the surface and visible surfaces, scanning of surface textures and graphics
  • Scanning of design elements, abstract shapes, fragile products

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