About Us

These provide our customers with increased productivity in the field of logistics and production automation, planning or optimization in many industries.

Asseco CEIT is a one-stop shop in the field of industrial digitization and is a strong partner for manufacturing and logistics companies using Industry 4.0 tools.  We open the door to the digital and virtual worlds and turn production plants into smart factories.

We build on strong foundations: our long tradition, built reputation in the industry and the background of a strong global Asseco group. We are a technology partner of industrial companies and we connect the physical world of industrial systems and intelligent digital tools in order to increase the productivity and competitiveness of our customers.

Our values embody our efforts

  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork


The foundations for the establishment of CEIT were laid at the Zilina University in Slovakia, where intensive research and development focused on unique solutions in logistics and robotics had been done even prior to 2007. The ideas and results of the research had a strong potential. Favourable market situation allowed for a later commercial use and intense transfer of these unique solutions and ideas into practice. This was the biggest impetus to establish Asseco CEIT. The company has evolved rapidly and today, it is an innovative partner of renowned companies.


Change of business name to Asseco CEIT, a.s.


Partner Program


Winning the European Automotive Logistics Awards Competition


Partnership with Asseco Central Europe


Innovative Deed of the Year Award for Virtual Trainer


Launch of the automated single-purpose equipment development


CEIT expands to the Czech Republic


Innovative Deed of the Year Award for the Milk Run simulation game


Building the Žilina Intelligent Production System (ZIMS)


Establishment of the CEIT brand


First automated guided vehicle (AGV) for intra-logistics


Building the Digital Factory Laboratory


First activities in the field of Lean Manufacturing


Co-operation with Isao Matsuda, Japanese expert on productivity


Member of the European Association of National Productivity Centres


Creation of the Slovak Centre of Productivity – the basis of CEIT

Stay with us in the world of innovation.