AVIX Software Solutions


Lean production and line balancing software
Integration and visualization of process data for process improvement
Streamlining the work of industrial engineers

AVIX software is a unique tool for any company that wants to increase its long-term competitiveness. It offers the possibility of interconnecting individual tools of lean production, which significantly shortens the start of production, simplifies the incorporation of process changes and saves time for industrial engineers. With its comprehensive approach, it allows you to have processes under constant control and always be ready for system changes or continuous process improvement.

AVIX software integrates several analytical tools and provides various output creation options, either in a standard form or tailored to your requirements.

AVIX Modules

  • AVIX Method
  • AVIX Resource Balance
  • AVIX Execution Optimizer
  • AVIX Shop Floor Viewer
  • AVIX Connector

AVIX Method

  • Creation of basic data for line balancing and product calculations.
  • Time and motion studies – video analysis, chronometry, MTM-UAS
  • Value added analysis, loss analysis
  • Creation of work instructions
  • Productivity evaluation for different product mixes
  • Optimization of work, tools and workplace layout
  • Creation of the current and future state of the production system
  • Creation and monitoring of action plans for process improvement

AVIX Resource Balance

  • Clocking and balancing of lines, workplaces, operators and equipment
  • Creation and visualization of individual variants and product mixes
  • Work productivity planning and control
  • Analysis and evaluation of the utilization of individual resources by the drag and drop system
  • Identification of potentials to increase line performance
  • Creation of proposals and visualization of the future balancing of the line


  • Intuitive creation of analyses using the SMED methodology – reduction of sorting times
  • Clear visualization of the casting process and the use of operators
  • Analysis of losses and potentials during the sorting process
  • Fast transfer of internal and external activities by drag and drop
  • Development of standards for line and equipment alignment
  • Clear creation and definition of priorities in the action plan


  • Creation of FMEA analysis according to ISO / TS 16949
  • Identification of risks in terms of poor quality
  • Linking video and processes saves analysis time
  • Automatic update of FMEA analysis with each process change
  • Creating and monitoring a control plan to prevent poor quality


  • Creating a DFX analysis in a simple way
  • Identification of potential for design change with respect to production
  • Analysis of production cost reduction by changing the design of the product
  • Streamlining product design and reducing the number of prototypes
  • Use of visualization in the form of video, drawings, pictures


  • Ergonomic assessment of workplaces
  • Evaluation of physical activity according to the Borg-10 scale
  • Visual representation of the degree of load on individual parts of the worker’s body
  • Assessment of psychological stress
  • Identification of possible measures to eliminate ergonomic risks
  • Possibility of use in production and administration or for educational purposes

AVIX Execution Optimizer

  • Effective production planning and management
  • Visualization, analysis and optimization of the production program
  • Creation of a production mix based on orders
  • Management of individual orders with the ability to anticipate possible problems
  • Advanced line balancing

AVIX Shop Floor Viewer

  • Electronic visualization of work instructions for operators in the workplace
  • Access to current versions of procedures via a web browser at any time
  • Easy installation and configuration with the possibility of local installation in the network
  • Possibility to visualize video sequences, tools or parts
  • Can be used for the needs of training of new operators

AVIX Connector

  • Communication and data exchange between AVIX and other ERP or MES systems
  • Import and export of information without the need for excessive development of existing systems
  • Use of standard data format
Asseco CEIT AVIX Connector
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