Our Twiserion Design Manager software helps you make confident decisions for planning and optimising production, logistics or warehouse processes based on real-world data and virtual representations. Twiserion Design Manager checks future statuses before their implementation and ensures that you create and consider all the optimal possibilities before choosing the best solution to achieve your objectives.

Twiserion Design Manager is ideal for planning production, logistics and warehousing, both in greenfield sites or existing plants, or before putting new products into production. By planning, checking and validating solutions using Twiserion Design Manager, you will increase the efficiency of the project and planning process by an average of up to 30%, reduce workshop times by up to 25% and lower overall production and logistics costs by up to 30%.


Asseco CEIT provides clients with a complete fleet of autonomous mobile robots, known as AMRs, with a high level of customisation, scalability and flexibility in logistics and production processes. AMRs from the Asseco CEIT workshop are compatible and easy-to-integrate tools not only for internal logistics, but also for complete production lines. For a higher level of automation, we have our forklift, under-run and tow tractor AMRs.

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Slovak Manufacturer

Víťaz v Automotive Logistics Awards Europe 2018

Victory in Automotive
Logistics Awards Europe 2018

Innovationstag Logistik 2015 (Deň inovácií v logistike)

Innovationstag Logistik
(Innovation Day In Logistics) 2015

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Industry Solutions

We also provide 

conceptual designing

Conceptual designing

Designing new projects, proposals for production layouts on a green field, redesign of the current layout, or optimization of material flow.

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engineering services

Engineering services

Wide range of solutions aimed at developing products to place the product on the market in the shortest possible time while saving material resources and finances.

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What clients say about us

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    Guenther Meyringer
    Our company has since inception always been at the forefront of innovation in production and logistics automation.  We provide end-to-end solutions from the ideation process with the client, to engineering the solution components—whether hardware, software, or services—up to integrating them into the client environment. With us you can take your production and logistics to the next level of optimization and automation.

    The digital factory envisioned, engineered, and delivered with Acceso CEIT.


    Case studies

    slovenska posta_asseco ceit

    Slovenská pošta

    Concept of a new logistics centre

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    VeluxPromo_Asseco CEIT

    VELUX Commercial

    Digital twin for continuous production improvement

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    Skoda Auto


    Utilization of virtual reality in designing a new workplace of assembly 1st break

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    Baliarne obchodu

    Baliarne obchodu

    Design and optimization of the warehouse space when considering the growing production

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