We are an innovative technology company with its own Research and Development Centre, which brings complex industrial solutions to the market. These provide our customers with increased productivity in the field of logistics and production automation, planning or optimization in many industries.

Asseco CEIT is also a one-stop shop in the field of industrial digitization and is a strong partner of manufacturing and logistics companies using Industry 4.0 tools. We open the door to the digital and virtual worlds and turn production plants into smart factories.


The CEIT Digital Twin Platform is a unique, comprehensive software tool for designing, monitoring, planning, managing and optimising production and logistics systems. This tool creates the holistic ecosystem of a digital twin and leads to an Industry 4.0 digital transformation with the desired effect of optimising resources, increasing quality, reducing costs, detecting anomalies and making processes more effective.

Zodpovedný slovenský výrobca

Slovak Manufacturer

Víťaz v Automotive Logistics Awards Europe 2018

Victory in Automotive
Logistics Awards Europe 2018

Innovationstag Logistik 2015 (Deň inovácií v logistike)

Innovationstag Logistik
(Innovation Day In Logistics) 2015

Návrhy pokrokových riešení výrobných systémov

Industry Solutions

We offer you these services

conceptual designing

Conceptual designing

Designing new projects, proposals for production layouts on a green field, redesign of the current layout, or optimization of material flow.

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engineering services

Engineering services

Wide range of solutions aimed at developing products to place the product on the market in the shortest possible time while saving material resources and finances.

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What clients say about us

Stay with us in the world of innovation.


    Innovations are a must; success and profit in every type of business depends on them. With our own R&D centre, we bring solutions to increase productivity in industry. Our focus lies on automating logistics, streamlining production processes, and solutions for smart factories. Need to optimize? You can rely on Asseco CEIT for that.

    Andrea Chudá, CEO Asseco CEIT

    Case studies

    VeluxPromo_Asseco CEIT

    VELUX Commercial

    Digital twin for continuous production improvement

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    Skoda Auto


    Implementation of the latest Asseco CEIT logistics robots

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    Baliarne obchodu

    Baliarne obchodu

    Design and optimization of the warehouse space when considering the growing production

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    Jaguar Land Rover

    Jaguar Land Rover

    AGV-based instrumental panel assembly line

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