“The new logistics centre should not only bring Slovenská pošta, the national postal service operator, into the 21st century, but it should also become the backbone of its Slovakia-wide activities and the centre of logistics operations. No other project of similar size and specifications has been carried out in Slovakia to date, so Slovenská pošta believes it is vitally important to work from the very beginning with highly professional and knowledgeable partners; when preparing our concept – or case study – we found this partner in Asseco CEIT. We appreciate their professionalism, proper and effective cooperation throughout the project, which led to the set goal.”

Martin Luptak
General Director and President of the Board, Slovenská pošta, a. s.

Slovenska posta
Client: Slovenská pošta, a. s.
Industry: Postal and logistics services
Focus: Slovenská pošta, a. s., is a leading provider of modern communications, distribution and payment services in Slovakia with the necessary logistics infrastructure for doing business in central and eastern Europe.
Location: Slovenská pošta, a. s., Bratislava
Asseco CEIT solution: Twiserion Design Manager, dynamic simulation

Modernising the logistics centre following an increase in mail volume

In recent years, Slovenská pošta, a. s. has noted a significant increase in the postal material it processes, particularly in the segment of domestic parcels and the segment of international e-commerce consignments. This fact requires maximum efforts to be made in terms of speed of processing, transport and delivery of the mail in all sites involved in the distribution process, with the aim of making sure the required quality indicators are met (transport time, success rate in delivery to addressees, damage to mail, etc.).

The HSS Bratislava premises were built in around 1970, and its layout, just like the parameters of its buildings, have not changed since then. This has led to its operations being scattered, to vertical communication and to an insufficient surface area. Bottlenecks occur, as well as time delays, thus leading to a chain of unprocessed and processed mail and a lack of indoor hall surfaces for this mail. Slovenská pošta is interested in modernising its logistics to make it ready to manage – in terms of operations and capacity – both current and future growth in mail volume from existing and potential clients, with the aim of increasing its market share within the relatively strong competitive field of logistics and forwarding.

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Project solution benefits

  • High level of automatization of the sorting activities
  • Automatization of transport flows within the whole logistics centre
  • Organisation of operations to provide smooth flows of mail between each department
  • Increase in the sorting capacity of parcels
  • Decrease in the share of manual work
  • Use of AMRs to supply each operation centre with transport units

Project output

A complex study of the logistics centre, taking into maximum account the use of automatic sorting systems to minimise errors and mail handling. The study includes a 3D visualisation in virtual reality, and a parametric application which can plan the capacities of each process. The study was verified using dynamic simulation to check that the required parameters were attained.

Project in numbers:


total surface area
58,016 m²

number of operation centres in the logistics centre

hourly sorting capacity

number of delivery points

project duration

cs_slovenska posta

Automatic sorting system
to minimise errors and mail handling

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