Process Simulation

Dynamic computer simulation before the actual implementation verifies how the system of production and logistics processes will work after its implementation, or when implementing changes such as expansion of the production portfolio or change in production volume. It is also crucial for process automation, if you are looking for bottlenecks in processes and want to optimize them, or if you need to simulate a greenfield production plant.

Process Simulation

In addition to the production performance of the system, the simulation detects the utilization of equipment and operators, the throughput time, the maximum and average stocks in individual warehouses or the impact of failures on the required production. Thanks to the simulation, it is also possible to verify the behaviour of the system in extreme situations, such as long-term machine failure that can be tested in the “safe world of a computer model”. Simulation is not just the domain of large manufacturing companies. It is used both in small production rooms and in large plants. Its utility brings certainty to innovative decisions.

Through dynamic simulation, we can verify the results of changes in production, logistics, warehouse or management processes before their actual implementation to the real system. In a digital environment, we can experiment with your internally deployed system or processes (e.g. the impact of process sequence, orders, accidental equipment failures, recasting, the impact of logistics on production performance, etc.) and optimize them. The customer thus prevents potentially high financial and capacity losses resulting from additional modifications to the real system and gains certainty when making decisions in the planning phase.

Dynamic simulation helps to test the effects of decisions quickly in the simulation model, increase their quality and reduce the risk of making incorrect decisions, in the form of:

We use dynamic simulation for:

  • capacity planning,
  • capacity utilization of systems and equipment,
  • production scheduling and planning,
  • dynamic visualization of stocks,
  • dynamic monitoring of production lead time,
  • testing of different variants of solutions,
  • process analysis and optimization,
  • monitoring the economic impact of process changes.

Our long-term commitment in the field of simulation has been applied with many global brands.

Process Simulation
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