Noise Reduction in Workplaces

Zníženie hluku na pracoviskách

One of the biggest advantages of Asseco CEIT in the field of noise reduction in the workplace is that we look at noise in the workplace comprehensively and with an emphasis on detecting and analysing the majority of noise sources. Our studies do not end with the measurement of “unacceptable” values that exceed the hygienic values of noise, but with a detailed analysis of the acoustic field and with engineering proposals on how to attenuate of individual frequencies.

We translate many years of experience with the development of quiet and super-quiet products into noise reduction in the workplace. We guarantee quiet operation below standard values.

Noise Reduction in Workplaces

Our expertise covers:

  • Noise measurement of the work and production environment
    • Graphic processing of noise maps of workplaces – complex noise maps in various operating modes of equipment
    • Identification of dominant sources of noise in the workplace, recording of acoustic changes in the condition of machines
  • Proposals for anti – noise measures
    • Proposals for acoustic modifications to reduce the noise of machines and equipment, engineering design of anti-noise measures, creation of concepts
    • Recommendations for noise reduction during maintenance
  • Prediction of noise in the work environment
    • Prediction of noise propagation before and after the implementation of anti-noise measures
  • Implementation of soundproofing for production machines and equipment
    • Structural design and comprehensive project implementation
    • Modification of the machine construction, application of acoustically-absorbing materials to a suitable place
  • Individual approach to each facility, project
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For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

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