Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) – Lead Time Reduction

The company-wide QRM strategy is intended for companies with rapidly changing customer requirements. In production plants with irregular demand or with a wide variety of products, standardization and solid planning are expensive, non-functional and counterproductive. That is why the QRM strategy was created, which reduces the lead time in production and administration. It enables companies to grow thanks to the effective adaptation of internal processes to the customer’s requirements. QRM further increases profitability by reducing costs, increasing delivery performance and improving quality.

The success of QRM stands on four pillars

The power of time

QRM focuses on reducing lead time from administration to production, helping companies grow and minimize hidden costs.

Correct organizational structure

QRM proposes a structural change in the organization, through the creation of specialized multifunctional teams. The people in these teams are substitutable and have full responsibility for all operations in the created team. This provides sufficient flexibility in handling any request.

System dynamics

The QRM application leads to a change in the company, where the key component is the dynamics of the system and a change in thinking in the area of capacity utilization and variability. It focuses on the importance of system utilization to 80% and on forming the so-called need for spare capacity. These capacities help to cover the unpredictability of customer demand.

Building a company-wide strategy

The biggest benefits arise when QRM is applied to the entire organization, including administration, material planning, production management, as well as the introduction of new products. It is equally important that each employee understands the essence of the QRM strategy, which helps to make it easier to implement.

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