Custom AGV solutions
When the logistics and production solution need individual approach

Special AGV solutions

There are cases when none of the standard AGV solutions are suitable for the automation of internal logistics or production.

In such an event, our experienced technical team at Asseco CEIT develops a special tailor-made solution suitable for your individual needs and current situation. It can be a combination of various AGVs and peripherals or a complete automated unit with its own MCS control system.

Custom AGV Solutions
Custom AGV Solutions

Fully automated ergonomic adjustment of the AGVs

Customer: Velux Commercial
Industry: Window manufacturing
Location: Denmark

VELUX Commercial is a new division under the VELUX brand, based in Denmark, producing roof glazing solutions to provide daylight and fresh air through the roof. VELUX Modular Skylights manufactured in Ostbrirk, Denmark, can be combined in a number of rooflight
configurations, creating perfect solutions for a wide variety of building types: narrow corridors, internal courts, studios, large circulation spaces, as well as private houses.


An example of a custom tailor-made solution, in which the customer used the wide range of services and solutions provided by Asseco CEIT is a project implemented by Velux Commercial in Denmark. Part of their assignment was a special requirement to provide an ergonomic solution for the assembly line built on AGV equipment, so that operators of different heights can easily and efficiently achieve the assembled product. The solution to the challenge was to design our own height-adjustable platforms as an extension to AGV equipment.

Customer requirements

Customizable platforms, however, were not the only and complete solution. We also had to find a way to adapt the AGV equipment to each operator and his individual height on each shift, including moving from one workstation to another. It was this challenge that brought the opportunity to connect the use of several products and solutions from the Asseco CEIT product portfolio, and the Digital Factory division and their optimized digital monitoring tools were included to work on the project.

Custom AGV Solutions


The resulting solution was the use of a real-time localization system (so-called RTLS) with tags, in which information about the height of each operator on each work shift is stored. That is, when the autonomous mobile robot arrives at the assembly station, it first checks the operator’s label to determine the height, to which the platform needs to be lifted, thus providing each operator with an individual ergonomic adjustment at each assembly station.


Thanks to a thought-through setting of cooperation between man and machines, the implemented solution increased the efficiency and ergonomic aspect of production.

Project in numbers

2,304 m2

2,304 m2 of production area (2 halls)


10% increase in productivity through better production management


10% decrease in WIP due to improved communication channels


50% increase in the performance of TPM activities

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