Product Development

We cover the entire product development process from idea to production support. We design new products for customers in accordance with the plan and the set budget.

Asseco CEIT offers complete services in the product development phase, including concept design, preparation of 3D product design documentation, test prototype, simulation, analysis and optimization of product design, production, testing and modification of the prototype as well as preparation of final design documentation.

We design using modern CAD systems with regard to Top-Down or Tree design and Smart modelling. It includes feasibility, assembly and ease of use studies. In terms of the assignment, the design is tuned for automation, assembly, easy serviceability and, last but not least, the price.

Engineering services by Asseco CEIT focus on change management and value engineering. We help you achieve the optimization of the technical design before the implementation of the prototype.

Our services:

  • Implementation of research and development projects according to requirements
  • Creation of innovative designs and concepts, support in finding patent solutions
  • Optimization of structural units and entire products
  • Strength calculations of the structure
  • Simulation of dynamic systems
  • Construction of functional or design prototypes
  • Design and manufacture of test fixtures
  • Testing of products according to customer specifications or relevant technical standards
  • Creation of 3D models from real samples or from incomplete documentation
For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

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