CEIT rebrands
Innovates not only its name but also solutions and business strategy

Asseco CEIT

On April 1st, the Slovak technology company CEIT changed its company name to Asseco CEIT, thus officially claiming its partnership with the parent company Asseco Central Europe. By merging the two names, Asseco CEIT wants to refer to its historical uniqueness in technological innovations and build on the established reputation in the industry as well as gain the support of a strong global software house─that Asseco is─in all markets and industries where the group is already successful.

Asseco CEIT’s business plans are ambitious this year and the company plans to use intensive research and development activities as well as the potential of business opportunities for current and new clients in the domestic and foreign markets. Moreover, Asseco CEIT plans to launch several new products in the field of internal logistics automation, improved solutions and services in the field of optimization and digitization of industrial production and logistics, together with industrial ergonomics.

Asseco CEIT

„I am pleased to be able to introduce our company under the new Asseco CEIT brand identity, presenting ambitions based on the solid foundations of our previous experiences. From April 1st, we changed the company’s name to Asseco CEIT and modified our brand visual to make the connection with the Asseco Group more visible, thus combining the reputation of the CEIT brand, built in the industry, with the strength and assertiveness of Asseco, one of the most significant software houses. Rebranding is part of our global strategy, which aims to succeed in foreign markets and with new customers. It is not just about strengthening the image but above all about the declaration of long-term stability and sustainable development,”

explained Andrea Chuda, CEO of Asseco CEIT, a.s.

„CEIT is an integral part of the Asseco Group in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. The time has come that we help to develop their products more intensively in the international arena. A strong Asseco brand should facilitate this expansion,“

explained Jozef Klein, CEO and Leader of the Asseco International group.

In the recent months, Asseco CEIT has also focused its activities on recruiting new employees, especially in the area of new product development in order to relaunch its competitive advantage in the development of innovative production and logistics technology solutions for industry in line with Industry 4.0. Thanks to the partnership with Asseco Group, the company was able to invest in a new testing hall in Slovakia despite the economic downturn in industrial sectors due to the global pandemic crisis.

Asseco CEIT has a subsidiary in the Czech Republic, which also changed its company name from CEIT CZ to Asseco CEIT CZ effective as of April 1st, 2021.

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