Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world – isn´t it ?

Everybody talks about Artificial Intelligence and how it is / will affect every part of our professional and personal life.

In this 45min Webinar you will learn about the key concepts of AI (machine learning, intelligent agents, reinforcement learning, generative AI systems) how they operate and real-life applications.

It will give you a strong fundamental basis to evaluate in which areas of your business you may deploy this different type of solutions to improve the capabilities and performance of your business

Plánujete návrh a optimalizáciu výrobných alebo logistických procesov? Potrebujete pri tom ušetriť náklady?

When: May 7, 2024, 01:00 – 01:45PM

Where: Online

Admission: Free, registration is required

Who is this event designed for? Industrial manufacturing companies, logistics and production managers from automotive, supply chain and non-automotive. For those who want to learn from leading manufacturing professionals about their digital journey in the production systems and how being smart now means being successful in future


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    Guenther Meyringer

    Guenther Meyringer

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